Rupert Tubbs
Mobile: 0777 315 3328
Office: 0870 746 8099

Fifteen years managing complex projects for businesses throughout Europe has taught me one or two things about delivering results. I know that quality is everything, and that guaranteed quality sets you apart. I know that being asked to deliver an important project requires trust, and that trust is based on good relationships.

But how do we guarantee quality and trust?

I have a simple rule: when you hire my business, I oversee everything. Nothing is handed out to affiliated partners or apprentice consultants. No template solutions are fitted to your business, hacked together by teams in hothouse conference rooms. And that matters, because your business requires real answers to practical problems.

We get all our work by reputation, recommendation and repeat business

Our clients come to us because they know we do a good job. A full order book for more than a decade gives you all the evidence you need.

If you have landed on this website, it is likely that you know me already, or that someone has recommended me. So, there is not too much blurb, just the essentials: a bit about what we do, what some of our recent clients think about our business, and our contact details.

By all means have a quick look at it, but why not just give me a call. If I'm busy (hopefully I am working hard for someone) I'll call back as soon as I can.